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Data Science Courses for Humans


Analytics | Storytelling | Machine Learning | Projects


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Courses Designed for You

Datasets in most data science courses are always a bit too perfect. When was the last time you saw data that looked so good? DataBox teaches data science using real-world datasets and real problems. It isn't always pretty, but it will help you succeed in the real world.


Real Datasets

Datasets that make sense to YOU. No more boring or toy datasets.

Real Projects

Complete projects that will deepen your knowledge of Python, storytelling, and data science.

Real Problems

Too much data science education gives you unrealistic datasets. From start to finish, we help you solve real problems. 

Free Workshop

Level Up Your Data Storytelling

The key difference between a good data scientist and a GREAT data scientist is storytelling. If you truly want to make an impact in your work, you have to be able to tell a story and lead your audience to your conclusions. 

In this FREE on-demand workshop you will learn:

  • How to define your audience so you can speak directly to them.
  • Proven design tips to make your data visualizations effective and appealing.
  • How to structure the elements of your data story so people connect with it.
  • The one thing every data story needs but most forget!
  • Two common methods for turning your dataset into a compelling story.
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